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What truly sets our programs apart from any other is that this is a full immersion program up the the 4 year old Pre-K. Full immersion means that all communication in the program is in either French or Spanish. Youngsters as young as one year old are learning to express themselves in another language other than English, and in many cases, both languages.

While all children learn at a different pace, most students by the end of their first year at Tabula Rasa are able to follow all simple instructions ("wash your hands", "would you like the red or the blue pencil") and express simple needs such as "may I use the restroom?" and "more water please". The children who attend the program for two or more years full-time (Monday through Friday) understand almost everything and speak in sentences in the foreign language/s.

Programs Offered

Tabula Rasa The Language Academy is the first total immersion program for very young children in Metro Atlanta. Our programs are offered in Spanish and in French. Chinese (Mandarin) is offered in the afternoons.

Our programs are accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Today the school offers the following programs in Spanish and French:
  • Toddler program, for students 1-2 year old
  • 2 year old Preschool Programs
  • 3 year old Preschool Program
  • Pre-K Program
  • Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Program in Spanish and English
  • Afternoon classes for 3 and 4 year old students (2.00pm-5.00pm, twice per week)
  • Afterschool classes for Kindergarten through fifth grade students (3.30pm-5pm, twice per week)
  • Saturday classes for 3 to 10 year old students (9.30am-12.30pm)
  • Classes for adults (parents and non-parents) in five foreign languages

Our Spanish/English program is developed up to the 3rd grade. We are very excited about our building program that should start Summer 2010, adding some classroom space and a new library to our existing campus. Our elementary school students do have the option to continue with their French program in the afternoons, and become trilingual.

The French program will continue to enrich the school with the 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old programs. The school will revisit the growth of this program on August 2011, after the building plans are approved and realized into enough classroom space to accommodate the growth of both the Spanish and French tracks.

Chinese (Mandarin) has been introduced on 2009. The new 1st Grade program marked the beginning of the Tabula Rasa Elementary School and include science, social studies, math, reading/writing, Physical Education as well as other disciplines. The school is already incorporating parts of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum in the 4 and 5 year classes, with the aim of being a recognized IB school in the very near future.

Friendly Environmental Policies

Tabula Rasa staff believes in the old saying "healthy mind in a healthy body". The school offers natural and organic healthy eating options for the students (with steamed vegetables everyday for lunch and fresh fruit for snack, no fried food, no sodas and sugar based drinks – only water). Snacks are included in the tuition. Families do have the option to purchase lunch at school or send lunch from home.

  • We offer only filtered water to drink to all the students. Families are allowed to bring drinks from home, the drink will not be shared between the students.
  • The snack offered every day is organic fresh fruit. Families are allowed to bring extra snacks, as long as it is healthy choice.
  • Our lunch does not contain preservatives or fried food, it includes as many organic ingredients as possible. Lunch includes steamed vegetables and main dish.
  • Cloth towels are used instead of paper towels. Paper plates and paper cups are not used to serve the food.
  • The school is already implementing a recycling program for the students, staff, families and the neighbors who would like to support our recycling efforts.

The head start that Tabula Rasa students have received is invaluable. The imprint of a foreign language is already set ready for the next building block. Many students will continue with a dual immersion education, but those that don’t will surely be able to pick up their second (or third) later in their school years with minimal effort thanks to the foundation that has already been set.

Tabula Rasa's language programs introduce children to the language and culture of another country. The overarching goal of teaching second languages and their associated cultures is to reduce the ethnocentrism of students that tends to make them see the things their culture do as right and things all other cultures do that are different as somehow wrong. We hope that our students will not just be excelling as students, they will also become responsible, effective and caring world citizens, who will help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect for the other members of the community and the environment.

Summer Program


We knew Tabula Rasa was the place for us from the moment we first walked into the building – it just felt right to us on so many levels; there is a recognition among the teachers and staff that ...
parent of Billy Mack,
Pre-K Program
I was committed to finding a language immersion program for my daughter, but I did not want to do it at the expense of a rigorous curriculum. In Tabula Rasa I found a strong ...
parent of Spencer,
1st Grade

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