2000 - Tabula Rasa School of Foreign Languages was started by a couple that between them is fluent in ten languages; it began as a small interactive center that offered foreign language classes to adults and professionals.

2002 - On January 2002 classes for children started. At the beginning those classes followed the structure of classes for adults - private classes, once or twice per week.

2002 - On August 2002 the first MMO program started with four children ages two to ten months.

2003 - On August 2003 the first preschool classes started, and the number of students reached 30.

2004 - On August 2004 the first Pre-K class started. The school changed the name to Tabula Rasa The Language Academy.

2008 - Due to strong demand, on August 2008 the first Spanish/English Kindergarten started.

2010 - On August 2010 the first Spanish/English 1st Grade started.  Now we go up to 5th grade.

2015 - On August 2015 second location opens in Gwinnett County (Lawrenceville), offering total immersion school in Spanish for students 2 month old-Kindergarten.


The couple who started the programs are still working in the school.

Please come by for a visit to see our school and learn more about our story!!!!

Summer Program


We knew Tabula Rasa was the place for us from the moment we first walked into the building – it just felt right to us on so many levels; there is a recognition among the teachers and staff that ...
parent of Billy Mack,
Pre-K Program
I was committed to finding a language immersion program for my daughter, but I did not want to do it at the expense of a rigorous curriculum. In Tabula Rasa I found a strong ...
parent of Spencer,
1st Grade

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