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Mission Statement

Tabula Rasa Parent Association is committed to fostering a spirit of inclusion, partnership, and cooperation inherent in a lingually diverse educational community. The Association supports these principles through parental volunteerism that champion the school's global philosophy and its academically challenging multi-lingual curriculum.

Value Statement

Parents are their children's first teachers; accordingly, we believe that parental involvement is of the outmost importance throughout a child's educational experience. The strength of our organization is an active partnership among parents, teachers, students and faculty. This union builds a diverse cultural and socially community rooted in its commitment to our children's cognitive, social and physical development. We value experiential education and interactions based on compassion and respect, and aim to instill in our children a sense of responsibility for our local, national, and world communities. We understand that when children experience cultural diversity in their education, a respect for difference is integrated into their personal value system. That sense of respect also extends to the environment - we believe in environmental stewardship and promote environmentally-responsible behavior inside and outside of the classroom. We recognize that the education we provide our children today has a direct impact upon tomorrow, as our scholars become responsible citizens and global leaders.

Summer Program


We knew Tabula Rasa was the place for us from the moment we first walked into the building – it just felt right to us on so many levels; there is a recognition among the teachers and staff that ...
parent of Billy Mack,
Pre-K Program
I was committed to finding a language immersion program for my daughter, but I did not want to do it at the expense of a rigorous curriculum. In Tabula Rasa I found a strong ...
parent of Spencer,
1st Grade


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